Dr. Alessi  can provide diagnostic and treatment services to children, adolescents,  young adults and adults of all ages with a broad range of mental, emotional or behavioral difficulties. 

Who might benefit from an assessment with Dr. Alessi? 

Patients or guardians who have been told they or their children might need an evaluation for  a mental or emotional condition. 

Patients or guardians who are dissatisfied with their current care.

Care not adequately dealing with the issues that are being experienced. 

Appointments with mental health professionals that are either too infrequent or too short with poor results. 

Poor school performance that is not being dealt with adequately. 

An understanding there might be other treatments that are not being either discussed  or considered.

Multiple interventions with little response. 

What are the conditions that will be considered?

Singular conditions: ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), mood disorders (Depression, Bipolar disorders, and Intermittent Explosive Disorders), Psychotic Disorders, anxiety disorders (General Anxiety, Social phobias and anxiety, Panic Disorders, and OCD),  Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, Learning Disabilities and the presence of medical conditions that might present as  or complicate the presentation of mental conditions. 

Co-morbid  conditions. The occurrence of multiple conditions at the same time making the presence of them extremely difficult to identify and treat. 

Life phase considerations:   Regardless of age  we are all in a state of change.  If young we say a person is developing , if elderly then they are aging.  All life entails change and where a person is in their life is important as well as how they are coping with that phase of life. This makes the presence of a mental condition even more challenging both its assessment and  treatment. 

When necessary he can refer cases for additional testing and/or associated care with a network of clinicians in southeast Michigan.

     Juvenile Delinquency

Dr. Alessi has over 35 years of experience working with juvenile delinquents.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Dr. Alessi has extensive experience in working with patients,  children, adolescents, and adults with ASD. 

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