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Juvenile Delinquency

 Dr. Alessi has over 35 years experience with the identification and treatment of mental conditions in juvenile delinquents.  He has worked with juvenile delinquents who are being seen on an outpatient basis as well as those that have been adjudicated and placed in juvenile facilities. Studies have shown that over 50% of youth placed in juvenile  facilities  have mental conditions that require treatment and care. Conditions often identified include post traumatic stress disorders, mood disorders,  substance abuse disorders and cognitive disabilities.  These conditions are often not identified due to the presence of aggression and conduct disorders. A factor that makes working with this population particularly difficult is the presence of multiple conditions that interfere with their functioning. Intellectual disabilities, and speech and language disorders are often present.  This phenomena or poly-morbidity can make working with these youth quite vexing.  

            Dr. Alessi can provide evaluations and second opinions for these youth, the identification of complex conditions, and recommendations of what medications might be indicated as well as psychotherapeutic interventions. If requested he can offer individual or programmatic suggestions concerning the management of such youth.