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Fees and reimbursement

All work performed at Norman E Alessi MD PLC is reimbursed on a cash basis at the time of service unless other arrangements are made prior to sessions. Reimbursement must be cash, check or money order. Medicare and medicaid are not accepted. Third party insurance carriers are not accepted. CPT procedural codes and ISD -10 codes can be provided so that you might apply for insurance reimbursement. Reimbursements can vary from 0 to 100% depending on the insurance carrier.  A call to your insurance carrier before contacting the office might help clarify this issue.

Why do I not accept third party carriers?  One, they don't reimburse at a rate that is commiserate with my experience and knowledge, and, two, their reimbursements do not take into consideration severity or complexity of conditions present. 

 Fees are as follows:

  • Evaluation (2-4 hours) : $300 an hour from $600 - 1,200. This could include not only the direct patient contact time, but in addition time with parents, review of previous records, and contacts with school, other therapists and previous psychiatrists. 

  • On-going therapy: $250 - $500 an hour depending on the frequency seen. If seen weekly then $250 a session, if seen once a month $300 a session, once every 2 months $400 a session and once every 3 months $500 a session. These are for full sessions.  There are no 15 minute med checks or half sessions. 

  • Home visits, including travel time : $250 an hour. 

  • School visits for observations, including travel time : $250 an hour.

  • Contacts with other professionals including teachers and other school personnel, therapists, previous psychiatrists, or  previous institutions: $250 an hour. 

  • Written Reports for other professionals: $250 an hour. 

    • Letters - 1/2 -4 hours​

    • Reports - 2-8 hours

  • Legal matters: Case material review, communication with attorneys or members of the court, depositions, testifying in court, preparation to testify in court, document preparation as it relates to a case: $600 an hour.

  • Institutional consultations: $350 an hour.  If a presentation is requested a separate fee will be determined before the presentation. If travel is required, all costs for travel including food and lodging and travel time will be included.

       ****  All contacts such as prescriptions, telephone calls, etc. will be billed in 6 minutes units or               any part of a 6 minute period.  A 6-minute period is equal to 1/10 of an hour.  Charges                     will be based on these time units with a base valuation of $250 an hour. Therefore a 6                       minute unit is equal to 1/10 of an hour or $25.00.