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Autism Spectrum Disorder

Dr. Alessi worked with LukeTsai, MD and Mohammed Ghazuiddin, MD, world leaders in Autism at that time from 1985 - 2005,  when at the University of Michigan. This lead to the exposure to a broad range of presentations of the condition especially severe manifestations in children. Over the last 12 years after leaving the University of Michigan Dr. Alessi has worked with Dr. Sally Burton-Hoyle, director of the College Support Program at the Eastern Michigan University and several youth who are students there.  This has lead to a much greater appreciation of the subtleties and the manifestations of high functioning autism spectrum disorders and mental conditions when also present. Of utmost importance is the understanding of the disabilities that can be seen in empathy and self reflection in these conditions as well as failed abilities to identify important "things" that they need to identify to function. 

Dr.  Alessi can provide assessments and recommendations in the care of high functioning ASD in children, adolescents and young adults as well as recommendations of medications where there is aggression, depression, anxiety or other emotional problems.